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  • You may have purchased a dodgy piece of equipment/motor vehicle or a product.
  • The Federal Government has enacted laws that provide remedies for consumers in some instances who purchase goods that are not of merchantable or not fit for the purpose for which they were sold.
  • These warranties override the terms of any agreement between you and the supplier of those goods.
  • If you have purchased goods which you consider are defective or unmerchantable or not fit for their purposeand having difficulty having the supplier respond to your complaints, come and see Tim Abbott so that you might receive expert legal advice as to whether you might be able to bring a claim against the supplier.

Tim Abbott will not charge for any initial free consultation, so please phone him and make an appointment.

69 268 268

At Walsh & Blair Lawyers our solicitors can help you navigate this often complex process with a minimum of fuss. Simply contact us and we’ll help you out with your matter.

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