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At the time of separation, the best-interests of your child(ren) is the paramount consideration and it is important that their living arrangements provide stability and routine. We assist our clients in coming to a negotiated parenting arrangement that provide the best possible result to ensure to health, welfare and safety of the child(ren) and to ensure a meaningful relationship with child(ren) is maintained. Our lawyers seek where possible to encourage a joint approach with an agreed outcome on a informal basis through informal negotiation or mediation, parenting plans or Court Orders, if necessary.

There is no automatic rule where a child should live after separation. Coming to a negotiated outcome is not always easy given the complexity of issues between the parties and the age and location of the child(ren). If parents cannot agree as to where the child should live, then the Family Court has to the power to make parenting Orders. These Orders include who the child lives with and how the child spends time with either parent, or is applicable other family members such as grandparents. Our lawyers regularly appear in the Family Court, assisting you in achieving your desired outcome.

Our lawyers are experienced in dealing with urgent children’s matters including the contravention of Court Orders, recovery matters or seeing that our clients spend time with their child(ren). We understand the highly stressful and anxious nature that parents face in these circumstances and aim to resolve the issue without adding to that stress and anxiety.

Our expert lawyers attempt to resolve parenting issues as efficiently as possible without unnecessary cost and/or delay. Our lawyers provide assistance and advice on the following:

  • Living arrangements.
  • Parenting Plans.
  • Child Support.
  • AVOs (Domestic Violence).
  • Relocation.
  • Passports.
  • Adoption.

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