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The end of a relationship can be a highly stressful and emotional time. It is important at this time that you receive sound, rational and expert legal advice about your rights and entitlements in relation to property, financial support and the welfare of your children. Our lawyers are very experienced specialists and, importantly, understanding of all aspects of family law advising married, defacto and same-sex couples with more than 20 years experience. Jeremy Naumann, a NSW Law Society Accredited Family Law Specialist, heads our family law team. The family law team at Walsh & Blair Lawyers provide expert advice in all family law areas including:

  • Relocation
  • AVOs (Domestic Violence Orders)
  • Adoption
  • Passports
  • Spousal Maintenance

At Walsh & Blair Lawyers we understand the breakdown of a relationship is an extremely stressful time and our goal is to resolve your matter as amicably and efficiently as possible. At Walsh & Blair Lawyers our emphasis is on providing you with accurate legal advice about the outcome you can reasonably expect to achieve, then guiding you through a process to achieve that outcome, strive to resolve every matter quickly and efficiently and, wherever possible, without attending court. However, if necessary, our expert lawyers will appear for you in Family Law Court proceedings and mediation.

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