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  • All professionals who provide services owe a duty to perform the services with all reasonable care and skill.
  • The professional might be, for instance, a lawyer, a doctor or surgeon, an accountant, a surveyor, a pharmacist or an engineer.
  • If you have received a service from a professional and you have suffered injury or loss, you may have an entitlement to bring a claim for damages.
  • Tim has a very busy professional negligence practice, particularly in medical negligence claims.
  • This can be quite a difficult and tricky area as injuries can occur, for instance, in operations that are performed with all reasonable care and skill by a highly qualified surgeon, but a rare complication occurs.
  • Tim is an expert at sorting out the claims where negligence has occurred and those where it has not.
  • Tim consults with a large body of medical professionals in many areas of specialty who are prepared to investigate and report on medical treatment and whether it has been performed with all reasonable care and skill.
  • Like any other area of the law, time limits apply in the bringing of a claim, so it is important if you feel that you may have received negligent professional advice or treatment to come and see Tim, who will not charge you for any initial consultation.

Tim Abbott will not charge for any initial free consultation, so please phone him and make an appointment.

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At Walsh & Blair Lawyers our solicitors can help you navigate this often complex process with a minimum of fuss. Simply contact us and we’ll help you out with your matter.

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