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  • If you are injured in a motor vehicle, even if no-one is at fault you may be entitled to compensation.
  • The New South Wales government has passed laws which govern any entitlement you may have for damages if you are injured.
  • Tim won the first case under the current legislation which is the Motor Accidents Compensation Act 1999 as he did under its predecessor the Motor Accidents Compensation Act 1984. The fact that he did so in both instances is a testament to his efficiency and competency.
  • It doesn’t matter whether you are injured as a pedestrian, cyclist, motor cyclist, passenger or driver there are many steps to be taken in the making of a claim.
  • The law is complex and that is why you need a specialist.
  • There are time limits so it is important that you instruct Tim as soon as possible so that he can comply with the procedural requirements set down by the legislation.
  • He will also, if necessary, thoroughly investigate the circumstances of your accident.
  • It doesn’t matter whether your injuries are relatively minor or very severe, the same steps must be taken.
  • Sometimes what seems to be a relatively minor injury turns out to be quite severe.
  • Damages can be awarded in claims where you are injured involving a motor vehicle accident, for pain and suffering or non-economic loss, past and future economic loss (loss of wages and earning capacity), medical expenses and the like for past and future.
  • You can also claim in some instances compensation for care that may have been provided to you voluntarily by members of your family whilst you were unable to look after yourself or your household.
  • You are also able to claim some of your legal costs including some of the costs of obtaining information necessary for your case such as medical reports and investigations.
  • If you have been offered compensation by an insurance company in respect of any injury you suffered in a motor vehicle accident and have not received advice from a solicitor, you must be very careful.
  • Insurance companies are not in the habit of offering fair compensation to injured people who are not represented by a solicitor.
  • Tim doesn’t charge fees for any initial consultation.

Tim Abbott will not charge for any initial free consultation, so please phone him and make an appointment.

(02) 69 268 268

At Walsh & Blair Lawyers our solicitors can help you navigate this often complex process with a minimum of fuss. Simply contact us and we’ll help you out with your matter.

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